Leon & Helen Vacation - 2006

Leon and Helen had planned a 6 week vacation in Europe this summer (2006), including visiting friends in Austria, Belgium, Finland and Ukraine. However, life got in the way, and we were not able to go. But we did manage to get away for a couple of weeks. We took a cruise starting the 1st of July from Vancouver, BC to Seward, Alaska. It was 7 days, so we got in on Saturday. Then, after a mere 1 day in Anchorage, where we got to see a few of the sights, but not very many, we were on our way back to the family reunion in Idaho.

For those interested, we were on Celebrity Cruise Lines, ship Summit, leaving Vancouver on 1 July 2006. For those not interested, we were on the Celebrity Cruise Lines etc.

We would have liked to do it different — cruise from Anchorage or spend a little more time in Anchorage — but due to the flight loads it was not meant to be. We are planning another trip to Alaska to see some of what we missed on this trip.

When we got back to Idaho, we still had a few days until reunion time, so we took the opportunity to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We went to Jacson Hole via Teton Pass, and back by way of Palisades. It was great weather, the drive was nice, and we got some good pictures of that trip, too. Helen had never been to that area, so it was especially nice for her.

Here are some of the pictures in random order. Helen and I were both taking pictures, and sometimes they overlap and we got the same thing. We have tried to take out the duplicates, but probably missed some. And, due to the numbering systems of our separate digital cameras, they index differently so they are not in sequence.